Virtual Events


    B to B

    You regularly organise events for your clients? You wish to innovate and increase your event’s return on investment? Our virtual event platform will enable you to commercialize your booths to exhibitors, to attract an increasing number of visitors and finally to market locations to advertisers through an actual Advertising Agency. Our platform is turning out to be the ideal tool to generate qualified leads and communicate with them in private.

  • Enhance your image

    B to C

    You want to communicate about your commercial activity? You want to put an emphasis on your offers and thereby benefit from an innovative brand image? Our virtual event platform will allow you to directly introduce your products and services to qualified contacts. Visitors will have to register and fill out a form in order to access the online fair. The social media integration on the platform will enable you to keep in touch once your event is over.

  • Optimize exchanges

    collaborative sharing

    You organise meetings on a regular basis however your colleagues are dispersed all over different sites? You would want to waste less time and optimize the budget allocated to meetings or workshops? Our solutions meet those needs to offer a real dynamic and collaborative participation. Multiply and simplify exchanges between your colleagues around a workshop and conference space. Those tools are efficient ways to practice internal training, or even to communication on the best practices to share.

Virtual events, tools to generate qualified prospects

Virtual events were not designed to replace traditional events. You may even want to couple your physical event with a virtual one, to create what we call a hybrid event. Digital transformation is underway, our consumption patterns are changing and our practices are evolving. Through this innovative platform, V3D Events can offer an adequate response enabling you to organise real online events.


High technology

With the HTML5 linguistic code evolution, the new platform is achieving an unprecedented performance and a quicker page load time. New features have also been ergonomically incorporated to this new platform such as being able to drag and drop media or manage comments!

Adaptable for all media

The user experience has been completely improved to make the new platform more ergonomic and more accessible. Responsive web design technology ensures an ergonomic, adaptive and reactive navigation, for any type of media used: whether it would be a computer, tablet or smartphone.

An intuitive navigation

The latest back-office innovations allowed event organisers to independently and intuitively organise, manage and animate one or more virtual events. The whole platform was designed for customers to be more intuitive and easy to use.

Designed for interactions

Each feature have been reworked to facilitate interactions between various participants. This version offers many advantages such as group chat, instant messaging and vidéo chat that allow exhibitors to converse with a visitor.

The platform for all your virtual events



Our offers


  • 2 consecutive days
  • 25 credits to be allocated

    Conférences / Booths / Podcasts

  • Optional expandable
  • 4 hours of PVA
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One Time Event

  • 3 consecutive days
  • 60 credits to be allocated

    Conférences / Booths / Podcasts

  • Booster Pack
  • 8 hours of PVA
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Half Year Event

  • 6 months of platform
  • 140 credits to be allocated

    Conférences / Booths / Podcasts

  • Booster Pack
  • 12 hours of PVA
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Full Year Event

  • 1 year of platform
  • 160 credits to be allocated

    Conférences / Booths / Podcasts

  • Booster Pack
  • 16 hours of PVA
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We provide you with a personalised support

Our team will guide you every step of the way : from start to finish. The back office allows you to be autonomous on the platform however if you wish, you can benefit from the PVA option : assistance to insert your booths, to configure your conferences or personalize your virtual identity, slogans and sponsors. Furthermore, V3D Events also developed the booster pack : a turnkey online tool, to support your communication campaign for the launch of your event.

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